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FieldLab 58
Portable Oil Lab

주요 기능

빠르고 통합적인 윤활분석 : 

- 현장 사용에 적합한 배터리 구동 방식과 견고한 디자인






- 분석 및 세척 시 솔벤트, 케로신과 같은 희석액이 필요치 않음

- 하나의 케이스에 4가지 주요 오일 분석 장비 통합 배치

  ・ X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) : 원소분석

  ・ Filtration Particle Quantification (FPQ) : 입자계수

  ・ Infrared (IR) spectrometer : 성상분석

  ・ Kinematic Viscosity : 동점도(40℃ 가열 후 측정 시작)

- 4개의 테스트를 통해 7분 이내 20개 이상의 오일 분석 파라미터 생성
- 터치스크린 방식의 장비 일체형 컨트롤시스템
- 1개 샘플 당 5ml 이내의 오일 사용
- ASTM 준수



주요 사양
  FieldLab 58

Mineral and synthetic lubricants including gear, engines, transmissions, hydaulics, tubine as well as military, marine and mining applications

in-service grease for industrial plants

Sample Volume Required(all)

Sample Time Required

Viscosity : 20 secs to 10 mins, dependent on grade

Fluid Chemistry : less than 60 secs

Particle Count : 20 secs to 3 minutes sample dependent

XRF : 3-4 minutes

Ambient Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Operational Humidity RH<80% non-condensing
Ambient Altitude

Up to 5,000 meters(16,404 feet)


Elemental Concentration (ppm)

Silicon (Si); Aluminum (Al); Chromium (Cr); Titanium (Ti); Iron (Fe); Nickel (Ni); Lead (Pb); Copper (Cu); Tin (Sn); Molybdenum (Mo); Silver (Ag); Zinc (Zn); Vanadium (V)
Fluid Chemistry

TAN & TBN (mg KOH/g); Oxidation,m Nitration, Sulfation (Abs/.1mm); Water (parts per million); Glycol (% by weight);

Soot (% by weight); Incorrect fluid (% by weight); Antioxidant Depletion (% remaining);

Antiwear Depletion (% by weight)


Kinematic viscosity @ 40℃

Calculated viscosity @ 100℃

Particle Count

Particle count #/ml (> 4µM)

ISO Codes 4/6/14

ISO Codes >6 and >14 are extrapolated


ASTM D7889 (IR), ASTM D8092 (viscosity), ASTM D8127 (FPQ-XRF)

Calibration Factory, verification standards : NIST traceable verification standards provided




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